Little Pea – by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Jen Corace

Little Pea is a little pea, being raised by his pea parents, playing pea games with his pea friends, and just generally full of round cuteness. I love round, I love green, and I admit that this Little Pea guy is pretty darn cute. Who wouldn’t want a book about a little pea?

And then the story becomes uber-cute. Little Pea has to eat his supper and he. is. not. happy. Because he hates supper. Because supper is candy. And if there is one thing that little peas can’t stand, it’s eating candy so that they can grow to be big strong peas. Somehow, Little Pea heroically manages to eat his candy (ugh) and finally gets his “just desserts” (yum!).

In her simple illustrations, Jen Corace (with a few strokes of a pen? brush? pencil? computer illustrating program?) makes this little green circle come to life, and his expressions of disgust over the candy he is forced to choke down are fantastic. You can see that Little Pea is just barely choking down the colourfully wrapped pieces of candy in his bowl. (You never see him unwrap the candy and put it in his mouth, and I wonder about that because as far as I can tell, he doesn’t have any arms or hands or anything. But I don’t wonder about it often).

This whimsical story is a fun read and easily pleasing. It is an extremely simple story and I would not recommend it to a child who is looking for something with more adventure. But for those of us who have ever had to choke down an unwanted dinner, this book is bound to evoke giggles.

Reading Age: Pre-school, possibly grade 1.

Rating: B+


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