Charlie Parker played be bop – Chris Raschka

Charlie Parker Charlie Parker Charlie Parker!  Chris Raschka dances sounds across the pages of this rhythmic picture book and I had his rhymes in my head the whole way home from the library…

Charlie Parker played be bop.

Charlie Parker played saxophone.

The music sounded like be bop.

Never leave your cat alone.

I like this book: the bright colours, the deliberate use of fonts, the visual parades of random sounds (lollipop boomba boomba), the artist’s many angles of Parker (upside-down and sideways), and the way that it actually makes me think of beBOP BEbop bop bop.  I like imagining growly jazztime voices whispering, Never leave your cat alone.

According to the fly-leaf, Raschka is a violist (and therefore cool) who was inspired to write this book after hearing a recording of “A Night in Tunisia”, the “so-called be bop anthem, which Charlie Parker helped make famous.”  I am listening to its immediately recognizable hook right now (thank you, YouTube) and alls I gotta say is: get your kid, read them this book, and play them some Bird…stat.

Reading Ages: Pre-school – the younger the better.

Do I feel cooler for having read this book? indubitably.

Did I spell indubitably properly the first time without spellcheck? Why yes, I did.  But then I used spellcheck just to make sure.

Favourite random word in the book: Overshoes.

Rating: A


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