Dinnertime for Chickies, by Janee Trasler

Adorable yellow rotundness abounds
Adorable yellow rotundness abounds

Dinnertime for Chickies is yet another book of rhyming animals doing things that no natural animal would do.  The round little chick siblings stumble around on every page, singing their ridiculous rhymes while a pig, donkey, and sheep do their very best to coax them to eat their (immense) dinner.  And, have no fear, though the chickies protest, (SPOILER) a healthy dinner is eaten, followed by dessert.

And that, my friends, is the book.  Sounds pretty banal.  So why haven’t I returned it to the library?

Because: I love it.  It’s ridiculous, clever, and cute…

  • The chicks are perfectly round balls with dots for eyes, three-feathered wings, and stick-like legs.  How does Janee Trasler make the chicks so expressive using a few lines and dashes?  Cute!
  • They do everything in a roly-poly toddler way that reminds me of my own roly-poly-stumbly-toddler. The illustrations always make me smile.  Cute!
  • They are being fed by other, larger animals.  Ridiculous!
  • They wash their wings before they eat.  Clever!
  • They wash their wings by standing at the edge of a giant bucket.  Ridiculous!
  • Their plates of food are to scale – i.e., larger than they are.  Clever!
  • When they are faced with spaghetti and meatballs, they look like they are going to hurl the pasta, or just plain hurl (truly).  Ridiculous and cute!
  • They wear their food and drop it everywhere.  Clever!
  • They hide under their napkins and make them into pirate bandannas.  Cute!
  • “Drippy” rhymes with “chocolate chippy”, “spicy” rhymes with “cold and icy”, and “please” rhymes with “broccolis”.  Ridiculous!

And if that doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will.

Reading Ages:  0-4, I would think.  Our 18-month old likes it, he loves to point at the chickies and animals and the foods that he recognizes.

Rating:  B+.  Solid kids book.  Super cute.  Nice moral of the story (eat your dinner without a fuss, it’s much nicer if you do!)  Not necessarily a must-have, though.

Why is this review so short?:  It’s a short book.

Anything else?:  Yup.  There is a YouTube video of this book, set to music.  I haven’t watched it, because I prefer to read the book than to watch the movie…even if the book is a kids book.


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